Unbelievable Level Of Detail In LEGO MOCs

These are this week’s MOCs of the week.  Between the submissions, and Brick Vault’s Top 10, there is a wide array of MOCs to sample.  Some of the detail in these MOCs is downright stunning.

If you’re one for myriad styles, variety being a spice of life, then by all means don’t hesitate any longer and get to it!

ECO House In Style

What follow are two pictures of Sarah Beyer’s recent MOC.  Additional pictures can be seen via Beyer’s Flickr.  Named the Lilium ECO House MOC, this particular model features a rather complementary set of colors, fused with the signature elegance that’s the staple of Beyer’s work.

If you wish to see more of her work, her please follow her on Flickr and give her a follow.  Her work is incredibly deserving.

Lilium Eco House MOC. Chair in sunlight.

Lilium Eco House MOC. Open space downstairs.

Final Fantasy 8 Special: Squall’s Gunblade In Lego

Within the realm of Role Playing Games, there are myriad weapon types.  That said, the Gunblade, wielded by Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, not only stands out like a shark in the water, but is also as elegant as it is intricate

The presentation is quite subtle, and yet, complements the Gunblade with much finesse.  Well done Letranger Absurde, well done.

ScreenHunter_1090 Jul. 10 21.04