Book Review: Socratic Logic [V3.1] by Peter Kreeft PhD

An Indispensable Piece For The Autodidact; A Vital Component To Education For Individuals Of All Ages

Blocked Up
Zy Marquiez
January 4, 2018

Having not taken a logic course since the university, attempting to find a book on logic that would be ‘worth its weight in gold’ took a bit of time, but this particular book has more than delivered in spades.

Socratic Logic by Peter Kreeft PhD is an essential reading for everyone who values the use of logic.  In fact, going one step further, this book should be read by everyone, because we could all benefit from it in numerous ways.  Mostly though, most of us have not been taught logic at all, not in elementary school, nor in high school, and rarely in college.

This is taking place because logic, as well as the trivium have been nigh completely removed from most school curriculums and when they do have these courses, they are merely a facsimile of it, and nowhere near the quality of logic taught in times past.  You can ruminate upon why such a staple of education has been all but removed from mainstream education today.

Moving forward, this particular book showcases a very in-depth approach into all the nuances that are involved in Logic, while also keeping it simple so to speak.   Describing the book as ‘simple’ might be a misnomer, but when compared to The Organon by Aristotle, which is a much more complex/demanding read, this seems like a ‘walk in the park’.

Kreeft makes it a point to give the individual everything they might need to comprehend logic, from the ground up, as the book is sprinkled generously with many real world examples, historical quotes and conundrums that will make the book quite practical in its application once the concepts are mastered and implemented into one’s repertoire.

Socratic Logic serves as an excellent jump-off point into the realm of logic due to the pragmatic approach taken by Kreeft.

As the author himself states, the book is: simple, user friendly, practical, linguistic, readable, traditional, commonsensical, philosophical, constructive, clearly divided, flexible, short, selective, interactive, holistic, and classroom oriented.  After reading the book twice, those descriptions were rather precise.

Conveniently, the book also features a differentiation where one can find the basic sections (B) and the philosophical sections (P) marked in the table of contents.  This helps greatly in focusing on whatever specific area the reader might want to hone their skills in.

Also of note, the book – as mentioned by Kreef – may be used in at least 10 different ways:

[1] the basics only
[2] the basic sections plus the philosophical sections
[3] the basic sections plus the more advanced sections in logic
[4] the basic sections plus the practical application sections
[5] the basic sections plus any two of these three additions
[6] all of the book
[7] all or some of it supplemented by a text in symbolic logic
[8] all or some of it supplemented by a text in inductive logic
[9] all or some of it supplemented by a text in rhetoric or informal logic
[10] all or some of it supplement by readings in and applications to the great philosophers

What one gathers from the book will depend greatly on how much time one chooses to spend on it.  Socratic Logic may be studied independently for an autodidact, or used for schooling.  The book can be studied in single class lessons, once a week class lessons, semester formats, etc.

Another useful element in the book is that it features a healthy amount of exercises throughout the book in order to further buttress one’s understanding of the material.  This definitely helps bring home the concepts shown in the book.

Taking all into account, the principles discussed in Socratic Logic should have been the book taught in school.  In fact, it should be taught to everyone because our society lacks logic in myriad ways.  Then again, that is what happens with the removal of classical education and logic from the common-to-the-rotten-core type of school system we’re all “lucky” to have.

In the information age, not being educated and not knowing foundational pieces of essential knowledge such as logic that venture into every crevice of our lives, is folly.

And if conventional schooling continues on the downhill grade it’s at, knowledge in areas such as this will be worth more than its weight in gold, and that’s not an understatement.  With the student loan debt now over a trillion dollars and with real education dissipating right before our eyes within the conventional establishment, taking your education into your hands is not only responsible, but vital.

To further one’s education is a choice, and luckily Socratic Logic makes it an easy to choice to make.

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The Star Wars Suite – The Danish National Symphony Orchestra

Blocked Up
Zy Marquiez
January 4, 2018

Various signature songs from the Star Wars Saga are carried out in a compelling manner by the Danish National Orchestra Below.  The renditions are quite lengthy, but any fan of Star Wars, of Orchestra music in general will appreciate it nonetheless.

Complete Guided Tour of BrickCon 2017 LEGO Exhibition

Blocked Up
Zy Marquiez
January 4, 2018

If you’re into LEGO at all, or creativity in general, this link below will take you through a tour of the 2017 BrickCon convention in Seattle.

Beyond the Brick’s Joshua Hanlon shows you around the entire show floor this LEGO convention.

Shifting Gears

Blocked Up
Zy Marquiez
January 2, 2018

Blocked Up was going to be strictly about Lego, with a dash of creativity, but, after some extreme rumination took place, I thought it a mistake given how much life has to offer.

Given the range of information and variety Life has to offer, this Blog will be about much more than Lego.  Many subjects will be broached, some more than others, but in the end, the main point will be about finding ways that not only unblock the path for a better future, but that also invigorate individuals of all types to take creative action in their respective lives.

In fact, the range of subjects this Blog will cover will probably seem quite disparate at first, but when seen from an overarching view that all information in Blocked-Up is shared with the goal of sharing something positive to empower individuals to take inspired positive action within their lives, then all will begin to make sense.

Subjects such as Creativity, Consciousness, Imagination, Curiosity, Reading, Quotes, Reviews, Health, Books, Mindfulness, Individuality and much more will be covered in the Blog.

However, that doesn’t mean more salient and pressing issues will be ignored, far from it.  But since this is the beginning of the blog, I find it important to establish a foundation for some of the range of information discussed that will undoubtedly grow with time as we tackle various subject matter.

All things considered, I hope that you find something of value in Blocked Up, and if you do, then that’s great because that’s the whole point, to share things that have inspired me and others into being more proactive as individuals in their daily lives.

Take what works, leave the rest, and meander on one day at a time.  This isn’t a race, but a marathon, one that never ends.

Catch lightning in a bottle, hear thunder boom on a beautiful clear day, and always remember, obstacles are mere stepping stones on the road to success.

See you on the road.

30 minute Morning Yoga for Flexibility | Full Body Yoga Stretch

Blocked Up
Zy Marquiez
January 2, 2018

Yoga has been one component of health that’s helped me regain control of my well being.  I’ve seen immense benefits from it, and will eventually write more about some of these benefits in the future.  Because of those factors I’m sharing this video, as I’m sure I will share other videos and information for those looking for different ways to get their health on track.

Below follows Sarah Beth’s 30 minute Morning Flexibility video.