LEGO MOC: Battle Ready, Ninja Mech

January 12, 2018

It is rare when a striking build such as the one below also features a firm stream of beauty, but this piece by creator MOKO does just that.

The parts chosen complement each other well, but for myself, the sash just gives it that added element of a warrior that’s been in battle before, and will continue to do so no matter how many times its needed.

If you’re interested in another striking and fearsome build by this builder, please check this one out.

MFS-017 影鴉

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Complete Guided Tour of BrickCon 2017 LEGO Exhibition

Blocked Up
Zy Marquiez
January 4, 2018

If you’re into LEGO at all, or creativity in general, this link below will take you through a tour of the 2017 BrickCon convention in Seattle.

Beyond the Brick’s Joshua Hanlon shows you around the entire show floor this LEGO convention.

Custom LEGO Hobbit Shire Inn of the Green Dragon

Blocked Up
January 1, 2018

If you’re a fan of Lord Of The Rings, or just a fan of creative things in general, the short 2 minute video below will be worth the watch.

Beyond the Brick’s John Hanlon shows you Dario Querini’s LEGO Hobbit Shire and Inn of the Green Dragon at Skaerbaek Fan Weekend 2017.