The New Year, The Future & Untapped Potential

Blocked Up
Zy Marquiez
January 1, 2018

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”
– Thomas Jefferson

Every year, as the New Year approaches, one can sense excitement building in the atmosphere.  In many instances, this type of emotion can be so palpable that it resonates considerably in others.

As we have come to learn, this excitement takes place in large part due to individuals getting ready to create significant changes in their lives; meaningful changes that will be for the better.

The curious part of this conundrum, and what seems quite intriguing about these circumstances is that often times many people choose to wait to make changes after the new year begins, even though they know they would reap rewards via those changes if they were implemented immediately.

If positive, meaningful, and resonant change is to take place, why don’t individuals make changes immediately?  After all, if the benefits are to to be quite substantial, why not venture into the realm of change sooner?

Most people including myself are all guilty of this idea to some extent, and it seems quite paradoxical that individuals would see new ‘resolutions’ as positive, but wait to implement these changes  when the ‘official clock’ strikes midnight.  Should an individual not dance to their own tune?  Why not set your own clock?

Regardless of the reasons, when the New Year begins, hope is in the air, individuals have an extra spring in their step, and the vibe is totally different.  This is quite invigorating to see the least.  It seems the kind of idea in which most if not all benefit when applied with zeal.

As an example some of you may be familiar with, if you go to the gym regularly, specifically on the very first day of the year, you come to realize that this day (year in and year out) is hands down the busiest day of the year for gyms.   In this respect, as someone who shares similar goals to those going, and as an observer of this circumstance for many years, it’s great to witness individuals do the best for themselves and starting out strong.  What I find paradoxical is that these so-called resolutions often dissipate into the hollow habits of the past much of the time.  We’ve all been there in some way shape or form.

Still though, every new year, more and more people end up creating significant change for themselves, and this is quite refreshing.  Be it in search for better health, stronger meaningful relationships, personal growth, or something else, individuals that keep pushing themselves to breakaway from the conventional box we’ve been offered from youth often keep rolling along relentlessly regardless of time, circumstances or obstacles as they tap into their limitless potential.  These individuals make obstacles their daily bread.

Moreover, individuals that get to see those positive changes accrue in those breaking away from the conventional mindset gain confidence and belief in significant ways as they see their friends and/or acquaintances succeed in new endeavours.  This creates a rising tide from which all may benefit.

And at minimum, the future will always hold the option to be the jump-off point for any individual that wishes to create meaningful change if they ever decide to light off into the horizon.

The future offers us individuals energy, possibilities and wonder.

The future is the untraveled road, ready to be paved by the individual – you.

The future is everything we wished for, and more, but only if we make it happen.

The future is the shining star that’s yet to light up your new voyage.

The future is a compass pointing in a new direction; a new course to make berth too.

The future is ultimately a blank canvas, and that’s why we all love it.

And yet, the future is every single day, every new hour and every new minute.  The future doesn’t stop and wait for the New Year just because that’s what we’ve been programmed to do.

The future, like a blank canvas, is always ready to be filled in.

Realizing this, why not make every single day our own personal ‘New Year?  Why not make every day a gateway to change?

The beauty of this conundrum is that it’s only a choice.

Thankfully, the future – our personal blank canvas – is always there.

And always will be, ready for that moment when the choice is made.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once shared:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

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Blocked Up and its individuals appreciate creativity in its endless forms for many reasons, especially considering its endless possibilities. Not only is Blocked Up a blog that allows us to share all things Creativity, but will also venture into the crucial importance of Individuality, Imagination, Consciousness and more. That said, an individuals limitless creative potential will be at the center of this mind trek. All avenues that help individuals excel will be explored, with healthy doses of creative tidbits found from the halls of the internet in order to get people's creative faculties going and hopefully spawn new ideas and solutions to different areas of life. If the above sounds like your cup of tea, then by all means join me on this voyage of curiosity into the realm of the unknown as we crack the Matrix's reality egg and figure out what really lies hidden inside.

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